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Resetting and recycling your customizations
Figure 3-8 The modified outline in the Customize The Ribbon list and its custom tab.
Resetting and recycling your customizations
When you customize the ribbon, it stays customized; everything is still there the next time
you start Excel. But if you ever joke about “hitting the reset button,” well, now you
actually have one. In the Customize Ribbon category in the Excel Options dialog box, the Reset
button does the eponymous trick, discarding your customizations and returning the ribbon
and the Quick Access Toolbar to their original states. The button is also a menu, offering
the dual options of resetting only the selected tab (if one is selected) or resetting all
customizations (which resets both the ribbon and the Quick Access Toolbar). Before you reset
either, though, you might want to save your customization work so that you can retrieve
it later. Below the Reset button, the Import/Export button allows you to reuse and recycle
your work. This button is also a menu from which you can choose to import or export a
special file containing all your customizations. Figure 3-9 shows a version of the File Open
dialog box that appears when you select Import Customization File from the Import/Export
menu, with a couple of saved customization files. The first file—Excel Customizations.
exportedUI—is the rather clunky default name offered. The proprietary extension for the
resulting file—.exportedUI—is appended to any file name you supply.
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