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Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
Figure 3-9 You can export any number of ribbon customization files for retrieval later.
Using these exported customization files and a web storage location such as Microsoft
SkyDrive, you can store your custom tool sets as well as your workbooks, making them
available from any Internet-connected computer in the world running Office 2013.
Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
The Quick Access Toolbar might be small, but you can pack a lot of tools onto it. If you are
stuck using a small screen, or if you prefer an uncluttered workspace, you can set up the
Quick Access Toolbar as a sort of “ribbon lite” to help free up some screen real estate.
Positioning the toolbar
When you first start Excel, the Quick Access Toolbar appears above the ribbon, as shown
in Figure 3-10. You can change this so that the toolbar appears below the ribbon. Click the
Customize Quick Access Toolbar button (the little arrow at the right end of the toolbar),
and click Show Below The Ribbon. If you click the Collapse The Ribbon button, as shown in
Figure 3-11, you can reveal several more rows of worksheet.
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