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Adding tools to the toolbar
Notice in Figure 3-13 that Separator is the first item in the list on the left. This item is first in
each command category, and with it you can insert small vertical bars on the Quick Access
Toolbar to visually separate groups of related commands. You can add separators and move
them up and down the list on the right side of the dialog box, just as you do with
commands. (This item is not available for ribbon customization because you create groups first
instead of using separators.)
The items in the Choose Commands From drop-down list include an eponymous item for
each of the command tabs visible on the ribbon, plus all the other contextual tabs that
appear on the ribbon only when an object is selected, as shown in Figure 3-14. Select any
item from the drop-down menu, and the corresponding list of commands appears in the
list below.
Figure 3-14 Each item in the Choose Commands From drop-down list corresponds to a tab on
the ribbon.
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