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Creating your own buttons
Note that when the More Controls button appears, the Customize Quick Access Toolbar
button (the downward-pointing arrow) that usually appears at the right side of the toolbar
moves to the “overflow” area of the toolbar.
Creating your own buttons
Right-click any button on the ribbon, click Customize Quick Access Toolbar, and click the
Choose Commands From drop-down list. You’ll see a special option listed there: Macros.
Macros are sequences of commands you can create to help perform repetitive tasks. When
you select the Macros option, nothing appears on the left side of the dialog box unless you
have opened a macro-enabled workbook and the workbook actually contains macros. All
the macros available appear here. Figure 3-16 shows the Customize Quick Access Toolbar
list containing a single macro that has been added to the toolbar.
Figure 3-16 You can add custom buttons to run macros in macro-enabled workbooks.
You might notice that the Modify button below the list is active when you add a macro
to the list on the right side of the dialog box. By clicking it, you can modify the button
image displayed on the toolbar if the default image doesn’t do it for you. In case you are
wondering, you can modify only custom macro buttons, which is why the Modify button is
not available when you select built-in commands. When you click the Modify button, the
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