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Exploring other toolbar and ribbon options
Exploring other toolbar and ribbon options
The following are a few more customization options that are quite helpful. Unless otherwise
noted, you can find these options by clicking the File menu, clicking Options, and then
selecting the General category:
Show Mini Toolbar On Selection Controls the display of the Mini toolbar
whenever you right-click a cell or object where its formatting tools are applicable, as
shown in Figure 3-20.
Figure 3-20 You can control whether the Mini toolbar appears when you right-click cells
or relevant objects.
Enable Live Preview Allows you to simply rest the pointer on many palette items
to show what the effect would look like, without even clicking.
Office Background Offers several optional “skins;” that is, background graphics
that appear in the title bar, formula bar, Quick Access Toolbar, ribbon, sheet tabs,
scroll bars, and headings.
Office Theme Applies your choice of three color schemes to window frames and
other interface elements: White, Light Gray, or Dark Gray.
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