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Controlling other elements of the Excel 2010 interface
ScreenTip Style Offers three options that apply to the pop-up label that appears
when you rest the pointer on any item on the toolbar or the ribbon. You can choose
to see only a small label with the name of the item, a larger ScreenTip that includes
a description, or no label at all. (For more information, see “Enhancing accessibility”
later in this chapter.)
For more information about fonts and formatting and live preview, see Chapter 9, “Work-
sheet formatting techniques.”
Controlling other elements of the Excel 2010 interface
In several important locations in Excel, you can control the way your worksheets appear on
the screen. These include the View tab on the ribbon, shown in Figure 3-21, and the
General and Advanced categories in the Excel Options dialog box. Some options, such as
Gridline Color, are self-explanatory; here we’ll talk about options with “issues.”
Figure 3-21 The View tab on the ribbon contains commands you can use to control the
appearance of your workbook.
The Show group on the View tab controls the display of the formula bar as well as the
appearance of gridlines, column and row headings, and the ruler (which is active only
in Page Layout view). These are the options that are most often used, which is why they
appear on the ribbon. But you’ll discover more ways to tweak your UI when you click the
File menu and then click Excel Options.
For more about Page Layout view, see Chapter 11, “Printing and presenting.” For more about
security issues, see Chapter 4, “Security and privacy.”
The Advanced category in the Excel Options dialog box contains three groups of options,
shown in Figure 3-22 (you’ll need to scroll down a bit), that control different display
behaviors for the program in general and for workbooks and worksheets in particular.
The Display area, shown scrolled to the top of the dialog box in Figure 3-22, offers display
options for the program itself. The options in the Display Options For This Workbook area
affect only the workbook selected in the drop-down list, which lists all the currently open
workbooks; these options do not change the display of any other workbooks, and they
do not affect the way the worksheets look when you print them. Similarly, the options in
the Display Options For This Worksheet area apply only to the worksheet you select in the
drop-down list.
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