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Controlling other elements of the Excel 2010 interface
Figure 3-22 The Advanced category in the Excel Options dialog box includes a number of
display options.
Displayed vs. printed gridlines and headings
Normally, Excel displays a grid to mark the boundaries of each cell on the worksheet
and also displays row and column headings, but these are not printed unless you say
so. The grid and headings are usually helpful for selecting and navigating, but you
might not want them displayed all the time. The options for these items on the View
tab control your screen display, but they do not affect whether these elements will be
printed. You can control both display and printing on the Page Layout tab. In the Sheet
Options group, select or clear the View and Print check boxes under Gridlines or
Headings. For convenience, the View check boxes under Gridlines and Headings on the Page
Layout tab are linked to the Gridlines and Headings check boxes on the View tab.
For more about printing a document, see Chapter 11.
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