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Audio feedback The Advanced category in the Excel Options dialog box contains
the Provide Feedback With Sound option. Using this option, you hear sounds where
you might not expect them, such as when you click the Undo or Redo button. Note
that if you select the sound option, you might be prompted to download an add-in
from the Microsoft Office website that requires you to exit and restart Excel.
Function ScreenTips This is a type of pop-up label that displays the syntax and
arguments for functions as they are entered or selected on the formula bar or in
cells. Select the Show Function ScreenTips check box in the Advanced category of the
Excel Options dialog box in the Display group. For more information, see Chapter 13,
“Using functions.”
Cell value AutoComplete When entering data in a column, the AutoComplete
feature automatically inserts entries in the same column that match the current entry.
This option saves keystrokes, for example, when you are repeatedly typing the same
entry. In the Advanced category in the Excel Options dialog box, select the Enable
AutoComplete For Cell Values check box in the Editing Options group. For more
information, see “Letting Excel help with typing chores” in Chapter 8, “Worksheet
editing techniques.”
Gridline color You can change the color of gridlines on individual worksheets.
Under Display Options For This Worksheet in the Advanced category in the Excel
Options dialog box, click the Gridline Color drop-down list and then select a color.
Colored sheet tabs You can apply color to a single worksheet tab to make it easier
to find a key worksheet, or you can assign different colors to each tab. Right-click
the worksheet tab you want to color, point to Tab Color, and then click the color you
want from the palette.
Keyboard shortcuts Keyboard shortcuts give you access to any command in Excel
using the keyboard. For more information, see Appendix B, “Keyboard shortcuts.”
Keyboard access Pressing the Alt key activates keyboard access, allowing you to
issue ribbon commands using the keyboard. Labels appear adjacent to each
command, displaying the key you need to press on the keyboard to select that command.
For more information, see “Accessing commands with the keyboard,” in Chapter 2.
Scroll and pan If you have a Microsoft IntelliMouse pointing device, you can
scroll through a worksheet simply by turning the wheel in the direction you want to
scroll. If you press the wheel and drag the mouse, you can pan the worksheet in any
Zoom You can enlarge the worksheet display up to 400 percent by using the Zoom
slider in the lower-right corner of the Excel window, by using the Zoom commands
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