Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Installing apps
Figure 3-25 Click the See All command to open the Office Store on the web.
Many of the apps listed in the Office Store are free, such as the Radial Bar Chart app shown
in Figure 3-25. Click an app to go to a webpage with more information; then if you want
it, click the Add button when you’re ready. What happens next is…nothing, really. You’ll be
instructed to go back to Excel and click the Apps For Office button again. This time when
you click the See All command, the app you just added is shown in a dialog box, as shown
in Figure 3-26.
Select an app in the Apps For Office dialog box, and then click the Insert button to add it
to the current worksheet. (You can also click the Featured Apps link in the Apps For Office
dialog box to display other apps available from the Office Store.) This is when the actual
downloading occurs. Once it is inserted, just follow the app’s instructions. After you insert
an app, it appears on the Apps For Office menu, as shown in Figure 3-27.
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