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Chapter 4: Security and privacy
Security and privacy
The Trust Center .................................105
File security .....................................115
Other security features ...........................120
IN THIS CHAPTER , we cover overall system security issues, including ways to help protect
your system against malicious software and how to hide your personal information from
unwanted scrutiny. We also discuss using digital signatures to both verify incoming files
and certify your own outgoing files. Microsoft Excel 2013 has additional security features
you can apply within workbooks, worksheets, and even cells. We discuss these features in
“Protecting worksheets” in Chapter 6, “How to work a worksheet,” and in “Hiding and
protecting workbooks” in Chapter 7 “How to work a workbook.”
The Trust Center
Microsoft consolidated the kind of security features that are common to many Microsoft
Office programs in a dialog box it calls the Trust Center . Click the File tab, click Options, and
then click Trust Center to display the dialog box shown in the background in Figure 4-1.
This tab in the Excel Options dialog box contains links to disclaimers and declarations on
the web. Click the Trust Center Settings button and then click the Trusted Locations
category to open the dialog box, as shown in the foreground in Figure 4-1, where the security
settings live.
If you work in an organization, the Trust Center might contain default settings specified
by your network administrator that you cannot (or should not) modify. Contact your
friendly internal administrator for more information.
The settings you can configure in the Trust Center determine how Excel responds when you
open a file with active content—that is, any external file that contains links or code used to
communicate with another location on the Internet or an intranet. When you open such a
file, Excel investigates several measures of trustworthiness. Rules exist by which a publisher
attains trusted status. Defined as reputable developers , trusted publishers must sign their
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