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Chapter 4: Security and privacy
code by using valid, current digital signatures that are issued by certified certificate
authorities (CAs) such as IntelliSafe. If you open a file that does not meet one of these criteria, a
security alert appears, and you need to decide whether to run the active content anyway.
But even if you add a publisher, unsigned code from that publisher still triggers a security
alert. Most of the areas in the Trust Center dialog box deal with issues that directly affect
the triggering of security alerts and the ability to run active content.
Figure 4-1 The Trust Center dialog box controls many security settings.
When you open a workbook with issues, Excel displays relevant security alerts and
messages in the message bar, which appears right above the formula bar, as shown in Figure
4-2. Each message corresponds to a problem lurking within the file, and each includes a
button offering a possible resolution. As you can see in Figure 4-2, the message bar can
contain more than one message.
For more information about code signing, see “Using digital signatures” later in this chapter.
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