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App catalogs, add-ins, ActiveX settings, and macro settings
for template and startup files, as shown earlier in Figure 4-1 with the Trusted Locations tab
Each time you open a document that triggers a security alert and enable its content by
clicking the Enable Content button in the message bar, you add the name of the document
to the Trusted Documents list. The security alert no longer appears on subsequent
openings. You can reset the Trusted Documents list (which actually appears nowhere) by clicking
the Trusted Documents category in the Trust Center dialog box and clicking the Clear
button, shown in Figure 4-3. Here you can also disable Trusted Documents (the feature, not the
documents themselves) and choose to allow or deny global “trusted” status to all the
documents that exist on your network.
Figure 4-3 You add to the Trusted Documents list when you enable the active content in a
App catalogs, add-ins, ActiveX settings, and macro settings
The Trusted App Catalogs, Add-Ins, ActiveX Settings, and Macro Settings categories in the
Trust Center, as shown in Figure 4-4, deal with blocking active content. Trusted App
Catalogs controls whether or not Excel recognizes Office apps available from specific locations,
and it includes a special option for apps from the Office Store. You have only two choices
for add-ins: just disable them all or require them to be from a trusted publisher. If you
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