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Message bar
Message bar
The Message Bar category in the Trust Center dialog box simply lets you turn off the display
of security alerts in the message bar. It does not turn off the actual security features, just the
notifications. The message bar is ordinarily turned on, unless you opt to disable all macros.
ActiveX controls still generate their own security alerts.
External content
External content comes in many flavors, and people can use it in many ways to implement
malicious intent. The Trust Center dialog box can intercept potential problems by blocking
external content such as data connections, hyperlinks, and images, all of which can contain
or facilitate malicious code. Figure 4-5 shows the External Content category of the Trust
Center dialog box.
Figure 4-5 The External Content category contains settings that control data connections
and links.
The real difference between the two sets of External Content options is that data
connections are links to data from other programs, such as databases, while workbook links
are external references used between Excel workbooks. If you do not control or do not
have confidence in the linked or connected sources, it’s best to go with the default
settings, prompting you for a decision whenever external content is encountered. As with
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