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File block settings
most of these Trust Center options, allowing all data connections or workbook links is not
File block settings
Excel allows you to disable the opening and saving of any individual file type it
recognizes. The File Block Settings category in the Trust Center dialog box, shown in Figure 4-6,
includes a list of file types that Excel recognizes, each with check boxes you can use to
block its opening or saving. Use the options below the list to select the way you’d like Excel
to handle the opening of selected file types. You can block a file type by clicking Do Not
Open Selected File Types or choose to open the file in Protected View, either read-only or
Figure 4-6 You can choose not to allow the normal opening and saving of specific file types.
If you want to restore the default file-block settings, which include the blockage of several
old Excel file formats, click the Restore Defaults button. Some of the listed formats do not
include a check box to block saving, either because it doesn’t work (dBase III/IV) or because
several older formats have been subsumed into one newer format (Excel 2 through Excel 4
into Excel 95).
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