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Privacy options
Privacy options
Excel uses the Internet behind the scenes to give you access to all the information you need
at a moment’s notice. Many people want to know exactly when their computer is
retrieving online information, so Microsoft lets you control these interactions by clicking the File
tab, clicking Options, clicking Trust Center, and then clicking Trust Center Settings. In the
Trust Center dialog box, click the Privacy Options tab to display the dialog box shown in
Fig ure 4-7.
Figure 4-7 If you are uncomfortable with Excel connecting automatically to the web, you can
specify that it behave otherwise.
The first set of options you see in Figure 4-7 control whether Excel can automatically
communicate and share information over the Internet under various circumstances:
Allow Office To Connect To The Internet You might prefer to take control of web
interactions yourself, for example, if you use a dial-up Internet connection. If you
clear this check box, you can still connect to the online Help content from within the
Help dialog box. This also controls whether Excel automatically displays web-based
templates in the New category on the File menu.
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