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Privacy options
Download A File Periodically That Helps Determine System Problems You need
to decide whether to allow Microsoft to send diagnostic programs to your computer.
If you worry about losing data to system crashes, you can select this check box to aid
in any future system rehab and recovery efforts.
Sign Up For The Customer Experience Improvement Program Over the years,
Microsoft’s on-site usability lab has been instrumental in helping refine products
based on how people actually work. The Customer Experience Improvement Program
is similar, except that instead of conducting tests in a controlled environment on the
Microsoft corporate campus, data is accumulated in a collective “lab” that potentially
includes your office. The usage data collected by this program is much more useful
than that generated in the artificial environment of a laboratory. This program began
with Excel 2003 and has been partially responsible for the changes you see in Excel
2013. It’s kind of like installing a Nielsen ratings box on your television—yes, you’re
sharing information with them, but maybe the TV shows will get better.
Check Microsoft Office Documents That Are From Or Link To Suspicious Web
Sites This option turns on what Microsoft calls spoofed website detection . This
refers to a homograph-type phishing scheme using web domain names that closely
resemble trusted sites. It’s often hard to tell the difference with the naked eye, so you
can let Excel do it for you. (See the sidebar “Of web beacons and homograph attacks”
earlier in this chapter.)
Allow The Research Task Pane To Check For And Install New Services This
option controls whether Excel automatically connects to the web-based resources
necessary for the operation of the tools made available by clicking the Research,
Thesaurus, or Translate button on the Review tab.
Allow Sending Files To Improve File Validation If a file fails the built-in,
ileformat validation process, you’re prompted to send file-validation information to
Microsoft if this option remains selected.
For all these privacy issues, Microsoft won’t collect any personal information and promises
that participants remain completely anonymous. You might want to return to the Excel
Options dialog box and read the linked information in the Trust Center category before
deciding whether to select these check boxes.
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