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File security
INSIDE OUT Of file format attacks and file validation
Another flavor of malicious exploit is the file format attack . Office File Validation
helps detect file format attacks, which attempt to insert remotely triggered code bits
by modifying the structure of a file. Interestingly, there is a short list of binary file
types that are favorites for these attacks, including Excel 97-2003 workbooks and
templates and Excel 5.0/95 files. Office File Validation checks these and others on the
most-wanted list against a predeined set of rules, or schema, that defines the
structure of each file type. Validation fails if the file does not conform to the rules. You are
prompted to send validation information to Microsoft if a file fails validation. Clear the
Allow Sending Files To Improve File Validation option on the Privacy Options page of
the Trust Center if you’d rather not share and would rather not see the prompt.
File security
Legions of hackers are seemingly willing to go to any length to gain bragging rights by
creating viruses, breaking firewalls, and thwarting password protection. Excel has always had
security features, but Excel 2013 raises the ante a bit to help make your workbooks more
For more about workbook security, see “Hiding and protecting workbooks” in Chapter 7.
Removing personal information from your workbooks
It’s increasingly important to be sure that you don’t leave helpful tidbits of information
lying around for others to abuse. Although it’s up to you to check that you’re not giving
away personal information on your worksheets (your password-protected worksheets, of
course!), information also lives in places you might forget to look. Excel 2013 includes the
Document Inspector, which is designed to look in all the nooks and crannies for you. Click
the File tab, click Info, click Check For Issues, and then click Inspect Document to display
the dialog box shown in Figure 4-8. (You can also access the Document Inspector by
clicking the button of the same name located in the Privacy Options category in the Trust
Center dialog box.)
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