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Using digital signatures
Excel 2013 includes a literal version of a digital signature line that includes a public key , a
type of digital signature that is generic and temporary. (Search for “digital signature” in
Help to learn more.) Like padlocks, these are designed to keep honest people from getting
in. They don’t protect so much as inform: if the signature is missing or corrupted, you know
someone messed with the workbook.
To begin, click the Insert tab and then in the Text group, click Signature Line, and then click
Microsoft Office Signature Line to display the dialog box shown in Figure 4-9.
Figure 4-9 You can insert an actual signature line as an object.
After you ill out the dialog box and click OK, Excel inserts a signature block on the
worksheet. The signature block is a graphic object, as shown in Figure 4-10. This is a signature
block, but it has not yet been signed. To do so, double-click the signature object to display
the Sign dialog box, as shown in Figure 4-11.
Figure 4-10 The Signature Setup dialog box inserts a signature graphic on the current
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