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Other security features
You’ll notice that the Signatures task pane lists our signature as Recoverable Error. This is
okay, because it is a temporary signature and is not verifiable. If you select a signature in
the task pane and click the menu arrow that appears, the Sign Again, Signature Details,
Signature Setup, and Remove Signature commands appear, as shown in Figure 4-13.
After a document is digitally signed, [Read-Only] appears in the title bar next to the file
name, and a small icon that looks like a certificate ribbon appears next to the word Ready
in the status bar. You can also click this icon to open and close the Signatures task pane.
Other security features
Several security features in Excel are apropos to topics covered in depth elsewhere in this
For more about worksheet security, see “Protecting worksheets” in Chapter 6.
For more about workbook security, see “Hiding and protecting workbooks” in
Chapter 7.
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