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Selecting with the mouse
Selecting with the mouse
To select a range of cells, drag the mouse pointer over the range. Or select a cell at one
corner, and then press Shift and click the cell at the diagonal corner of the range. For
example, with cells A1:B5 selected, hold down the Shift key and click cell C10 to select A1:C10.
When you need to select a large range, this technique is more efficient than dragging the
mouse pointer across the entire selection.
Zooming to select large worksheet areas
You can zoom out for a bird’s-eye view of a large worksheet, as shown in Figure 6-2. Drag
the Zoom slider at the bottom of the screen to the left, or click the Zoom percentage
indicator adjacent to the slider to open the Zoom dialog box for more zooming options. The
Zoom feature is limited to a range from 10 through 400 percent.
Figure 6-2 Use the Zoom slider or the Zoom dialog box to view large areas of a worksheet for
easier selection.
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