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Selecting with Go To Special
Navigating multiple selections
Some of the Go To Special options—such as Formulas, Comments, Precedents, and
Dependents—might cause Excel to select multiple nonadjacent ranges. But you might
want to change the active cell without losing the multiselection. Or you might want to
type entries into multiple ranges that you preselect so that you don’t have to reach for
the mouse. Either way, you can move among cells within ranges, and between ranges,
without losing the selection. For example, the worksheet shown here has three ranges
To move the active cell through these ranges without losing the selection, press Enter
to move down or to the right one cell at a time; press Shift+Enter to move up or to the
left one cell at a time. Or press Tab to move to the right or down; press Shift+Tab to
move to the left or up. So, in this worksheet, if you press Enter until cell A17 is selected,
the next time you press Enter the selection jumps to the beginning of the next selected
region—in this case, cell A1. Subsequently pressing Enter selects A2, then B1, then B2,
and so on, moving down and across until the end of the region (cell F2), and then to
the next region (cell B4).
Selecting precedents and dependents
The Precedents and Dependents options in the Go To Special dialog box let you find all
cells that are used by a formula or to find all cells upon which a formula depends. To use
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