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Techniques for entering data
Creating long text values
If you type text that is too long for Excel to display in a single cell, the entry spills into
adjacent cells if they are empty, but the text remains stored in the original cell. If you then type
text in a cell that is overlapped by another cell, the overlapped text appears truncated, as
shown in cell A3 in Figure 6-8. But don’t worry—it’s still all there.
The easiest way to eliminate overlapping text is to widen the column by
doubleclicking the column border in the heading. For example, in Figure 6-8, when you
double-click the line between the A and the B in the column headings, the width of
column A adjusts to accommodate the longest entry in the column.
Using text wrapping
If you have long text entries, text wrapping can make them easier to read. Text wrapping
lets you enter long strings of text that wrap onto two or more lines within the same cell
rather than overlap adjacent cells. Select the cells where you want to use wrapping, and
then click the Home tab on the ribbon and click the Wrap Text button, as shown in
Figure 6-9. To accommodate the extra lines, Excel increases the height of the row.
Figure 6-9 Click the Wrap Text button to force long text entries to wrap within a single cell.
For more about wrapping text, see “Wrapping text in cells” in Chapter 9.
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