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Making entries in ranges
Figure 6-11 You can insert characters from the extended character sets of any installed font.
On the Symbols tab, select the font from the Font drop-down list; the entire character set
appears. You can jump to specific areas in the character set by using the Subset drop-down
list, which also indicates the area of the character set you are viewing if you are using the
scroll bar to browse through the available characters. The Character Code box displays the
code for the selected character. You can also highlight a character in the display area by
typing the character’s code number. You can select decimal or hexadecimal ASCII character
encoding or Unicode by using the From drop-down list. If you choose Unicode, you can
select from a number of additional character subsets in the Subset drop-down list. The
Special Characters tab in the Symbol dialog box gives you quick access to a number of
commonly used characters, such as the em dash, the ellipsis, and the trademark and
copyright symbols.
Making entries in ranges
To make a number of entries in a range of adjacent cells, first select all of them. Then just
begin typing entries, as shown in Figure 6-12. Each time you press Enter, the active cell
moves to the next cell in the range, and the range remains selected. When you reach the
edge of the range and press Enter, the active cell jumps to the beginning of the next
column or row. You can continue making entries this way until you ill the entire range.
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