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Editing and undoing entries
of a cell by selecting the cell and typing new contents to replace the old. To revert to the
original entry, press Esc before you press Enter.
You can always click the Undo button in the Quick Access Toolbar; alternatively, press
Ctrl+Z. The Undo button remembers the last 100 actions you performed. If you press
Ctrl+Z repeatedly, each of the last actions is undone, one after the other, in reverse order.
You can also click the small arrow next to the Undo button to display a list of remembered
actions. Drag the mouse to select one or more actions, as shown in Figure 6-13. After you
release the mouse, all the selected actions are undone. The Redo button works the same
way; you can quickly redo what you have just undone, if necessary.
Figure 6-13 Click the small arrow next to the Undo button to select any number of the last 100
actions to undo at once.
You can’t undo individual actions in the middle of the Undo list. If you select an action,
all actions up to and including that action are undone.
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