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Naming and renaming worksheets
Figure 6-16 Click and drag sheet tabs to rearrange worksheets.
When you move worksheets, remember the following tips:
If you want to move a worksheet to a location that isn’t currently visible on your
screen, drag past the visible tabs in either direction. The sheet tabs scroll in the
direction you drag.
You can move several worksheets at the same time. When you select several
worksheets and drag, the worksheet pointer icon changes to look like a small stack of
You can copy worksheets using similar mouse techniques. First, select the worksheets
you want to copy, and then hold down Ctrl while you drag the worksheets to the new
When you copy a worksheet, an identical worksheet appears in the new location.
Excel appends a number in parentheses to the copy’s name to distinguish it from the
original worksheet. For example, making a copy of Sheet1 results in a new worksheet
named Sheet1 (2).
You can select nonadjacent worksheets by pressing Ctrl while you click to select the
sheet tabs. Then you can click any selected tab and drag to move the group, or click,
press Ctrl, and drag to create copies.
You can click Move Or Copy on the sheet tab shortcut menu to handle similar
worksheet management functions, including moving and copying worksheets between
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