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Freezing panes
frozen panes into place. As you can see in Figure 6-19, the pane divider lines have changed
from thick, three-dimensional lines to thin lines.
Figure 6-19 Freezing panes locks the top pane, left pane, or both panes of a split window.
You can split and freeze panes simultaneously at the selected cell by clicking Freeze
Panes without first splitting the worksheet into panes. If you use this method, you
simultaneously unfreeze and remove the panes when you click Unfreeze Panes. (The
command name changes when panes are frozen.)
Notice also that in Figure 6-18, the sheet tab is invisible because the horizontal scroll bar is
so large. After freezing the panes, as shown in Figure 6-19, the scroll bar returns to normal
and the sheet tab reappears.
To display another worksheet in the workbook if the sheet tabs are not visible, press
Ctrl+Page Up to display the previous worksheet or Ctrl+Page Down to display the next
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