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Zooming worksheets
After you freeze panes, scrolling within each pane works differently. You cannot scroll the
upper-left panes in any direction. In the upper-right pane only the columns can be scrolled
(right and left) and in the lower-left pane only the rows can be scrolled (up and down). You
can scroll the lower-right pane in either direction.
INSIDE OUT Make frozen panes easier to see
Generally speaking, all the tasks you perform with panes work better when the
windows are frozen. Unfortunately, it’s harder to tell that the window is split when the
panes are frozen because the thin, frozen-pane lines look just like cell borders. To make
frozen panes easier to see, you can use a formatting clue that you will always recognize.
For example, select all the heading rows and columns and ill them with a particular
Zooming worksheets
Use the Zoom controls in the bottom-right corner of the screen (or click the View tab and
use the Zoom button) to change the size of your worksheet display. Clicking the Zoom
button displays a dialog box containing one enlargement option, three reduction options,
and a Fit Selection option that determines the necessary reduction or enlargement needed
to display the currently selected cells. Use the Custom box to specify any zoom
percentage from 10 through 400 percent. The Zoom To Selection button enlarges or reduces the
size of the worksheet to make all the selected cells visible on the screen. Clicking Zoom To
Selection with a single cell selected zooms to the maximum 400 percent, centered on the
selected cell (as much as possible) in an attempt to ill the screen with the selection.
The Zoom command affects only the selected worksheets; therefore, if you group
several worksheets before zooming, Excel displays all of them at the selected Zoom
percentage. For more about grouping worksheets, see “Editing multiple worksheets” in
Chapter 8.
For example, to view the entire worksheet shown in Figure 6-17, you can try different zoom
percentages until you get the results you want. Better still, select the entire active area of
the worksheet, and then click the Zoom To Selection button. Now the entire worksheet
appears on the screen, as shown in Figure 6-20. Note that the zoom percentage resulting
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