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Protecting the workbook
Protecting the workbook
You can prevent the alteration of a workbook’s structure and lock the position of the
workbook window. To do so, click the Review tab on the ribbon and click Protect Workbook to
display the dialog box shown in Figure 6-24.
For more information, see “Protecting workbooks” in Chapter 7, “How to work a workbook.”
Figure 6-24 Use the Protect Structure And Windows dialog box to set the protection status for
the entire workbook.
Allowing password access to specific cell ranges
If you need to do more than protect workbooks or individual worksheets, click Allow Users
To Edit Ranges on the Review tab in the Changes group. Use the Allow Users To Edit Ranges
dialog box, as shown in Figure 6-25, to provide editorial access to specific areas of a
protected worksheet. You can even specify exactly who is allowed to do the editing.
Figure 6-25 You can specify cells that can be edited, as well as the individuals who are allowed
to edit them, by using the Allow Users To Edit Ranges dialog box.
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