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Hiding cells and worksheets
Figure 6-28 Click Add in the Permissions dialog box, and then click Advanced to select users to
Hiding cells and worksheets
In a protected worksheet, if you apply the Hidden protection format to a cell that contains
a formula, the formula remains hidden from view in the formula bar even when you select
that cell. To hide a selected cell or cells, click the Format button on the Home tab, and click
Cells to display the Format Cells dialog box. Then click the Protection tab, and select the
Hidden option. Formulas in hidden cells are still functional, of course; they are just hidden
from view. In any case, the result of the formula is still visible on the worksheet.
For information about hiding numbers, see “The hidden number format” in Chapter 9.
You can also hide rows and columns within a worksheet and even hide entire worksheets
within a workbook. Any data or calculations in hidden rows, columns, or worksheets are
still available through references; the cells or worksheets are simply hidden from view. To
hide a worksheet, click the sheet tab to select the worksheet you want to hide. Then, on the
Home tab, click Format, Hide & Unhide, Hide Sheet, as shown in Figure 6-29. Unlike hiding
cells, hiding rows, columns, or worksheets happens immediately. Afterward, you can click
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