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Using passwords
the corresponding Unhide command to restore the hidden item. However, if you hide a
worksheet and then click Protect Workbook on the Review tab, the Unhide command is no
longer available, which helps keep the hidden worksheet even better protected.
Figure 6-29 Use the Hide & Unhide commands to protect parts of your workbooks.
For more information about workbook protection, see “Hiding and protecting workbooks” in
Chapter 7.
Using passwords
When you click Protect Sheet, Protect Workbook, or Protect And Share Workbook on the
Review tab, you can assign a password that must be used to disable the protection. You can
use unique passwords for each worksheet or workbook you protect.
Password protection in Excel is serious business. After you assign a password, you
can’t unprotect the worksheet or workbook without it. Don’t forget your passwords!
Remember, capitalization matters.
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