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Arranging workbook windows
If you have all your workbook windows maximized, you can shuffle through the open
workbooks by pressing Ctrl+Tab to activate each workbook in the order you opened
them. Press Shift+Ctrl+Tab to activate them in reverse order.
On the View tab on the ribbon, click a window name on the Switch Windows menu,
which lists as many as nine open workbooks or, if you have more than nine open,
displays a More Workbooks command that presents a dialog box listing all the open
Arranging workbook windows
To make all open workbooks visible at the same time, click the View tab and click Arrange
All. Excel displays the Arrange Windows dialog box, shown in Figure 7-1, which also
shows the workbooks arranged in the Tiled configuration with the screen divided into a
patchwork of open documents. Figure 7-2 shows the same workbooks in the Horizontal
You’ll find the 2014Projections.xlsx, Humongous.xlsx, Team Sales.xlsx, Regional Sales.xlsx,
and NorthwindSales.xlsx files with the other examples on the companion website.
Figure 7-1 Clicking View, Arrange All opens the Arrange Windows dialog box, which gives you a
choice of configurations.
If you select the Windows Of Active Workbook check box in the Arrange Windows dialog
box, only the active workbook is affected by the configuration setting, and then only if
more than one window is open for the active workbook. Excel arranges those windows
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