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Comparing worksheets side by side
to compare, and click OK; this opens the window and arranges it along with the window
that was active when you clicked View Side By Side. (The button name is a little bit
misleading because the windows are actually arranged horizontally—not really “side by side,” but
one above the other.)
After you activate “side-by-side mode,” the two buttons below the View Side By Side
button become active, as shown here and in Figure 7-4:
The Synchronous Scrolling button locks the two windows together wherever they happen
to be; when you scroll in any direction, the inactive window scrolls in an identical fashion.
This action is activated automatically when you turn on the View Side By Side feature. The
Reset Window Position button puts the active window on top, which is handy. The window
that is active when you first click the View Side By Side button is the one that appears on
top. If you want the other window on top, click anywhere in the other window, and then
click the Reset Window Position button to place it in the top position.
Figure 7-4 The Synchronous Scrolling button locks side-by-side window scrolling.
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