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Opening multiple windows for the same workbook
The View Side By Side button is a toggle. To turn off side-by-side mode and return to
Normal view, click the View Side By Side button again. Make sure you turn it off before moving
on to other tasks to avoid some odd window behavior.
Opening multiple windows for the same workbook
Suppose you’ve created a workbook like the one shown in Figure 7-5. You might want to
monitor the cells on the summary worksheet while working on one of the other worksheets
in the workbook. On the other hand, if you have a large worksheet, you might want to keep
an eye on more than one area of the same worksheet at the same time. To perform either
of these tasks, you can open a second window for the workbook by clicking New Window
on the View tab.
Figure 7-5 We want to view the summary worksheet while working on a supporting worksheet
in the same workbook.
To view both windows on your screen, click View, Arrange All and then select any of the
Arrange options except Cascade. If you select the Cascade option, you’ll be able to view
only the top worksheet in the stack. If you select the Horizontal option, your screen looks
similar to the one in Figure 7-6.
You might notice that Excel assigned the name NorthwindSales.xlsx:2 to the new
workbook window. In addition, it changed the name of the original workbook window to
NorthwindSales.xlsx:1. NorthwindSales.xlsx:2 now becomes the active window, and as such,
it’s positioned on top.
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