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Encrypting workbooks
Selecting the Structure check box prevents any changes to the position, the name, and the
hidden or unhidden status of the worksheets in the active workbook. When you select the
Windows option, the workbook’s windows cannot be closed, hidden, unhidden, resized, or
moved—in fact, the Minimize, Maximize, and Close buttons disappear. This does not mean
you cannot close the workbook; you can still click the File tab and then click Close.
However, if you have more than one window open for the workbook, you cannot close any of
them individually.
These settings take effect immediately. This command is a toggle—you can turn protection
off by clicking Protect Workbook again. If protection has been activated, the Protect
Workbook command button is highlighted, or “depressed.” If you specify a password in the
Protect Structure And Windows dialog box, Excel prompts you to supply that password before
it turns off worksheet protection.
Encrypting workbooks
You can provide another level of security for your workbooks by adding encryption.
Encryption goes beyond simple password protection by digitally obscuring information to
make it unreadable without the proper key to “decode” it. (Therefore, encrypted workbooks
can be opened only by Excel.) You apply encryption by clicking the File tab, Info, Protect
Workbook, Encrypt With Password. This displays a dialog box that prompts you for a
password, as shown in Figure 7-11, and then redisplays itself to confirm the password.
Figure 7-11 Applying a password to encrypt a workbook also turns on protection of the
workbook structure.
After encryption, you need the password to open the workbook again; the Protect
Structure And Windows dialog box (shown in Figure 7-10) also uses this password to protect the
workbook structure. Even if you turn off workbook protection, encryption is still active until
you turn it off by clicking the Encrypt Document command again and removing the
password from the Encrypt Document dialog box.
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