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Saving workbooks or windows as hidden
Figure 7-12 Use the Mark As Final command to help prevent others from modifying your
finished workbooks.
When you mark a workbook as final, all editing is disabled, the workbook is saved as
readonly, and the next time anyone opens it, an alert appears in the message bar revealing that
it has been marked as final. Note that this is not intended to be a security feature because
you can easily click the Edit Anyway button, as shown in Figure 7-13, to reactivate editing.
This is essentially an update of the Read Only Recommended option that was available in
versions of Excel prior to 2007.
Note that the Protect Workbook menu shown in Figure 7-12 offers the Protect Current
Sheet and Protect Workbook Structure commands, which are equivalent to the Protect
Sheet and Protect Workbook buttons on the Review tab. The last two commands, Restrict
Access and Add A Digital Signature are Information Rights Management (IRM) features,
which are covered in detail in “Controlling document access with Information Rights
Management” in Chapter 26, “Collaborating on a network or by email.”
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