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Copying and pasting
Previewing before you paste
You use the paste preview feature to see what a particular paste option looks like
before you commit to actually pasting. After you copy or cut a cell or range, select
the destination cell where you want to paste. Click the Paste menu on the Home tab
(or right-click and use the Paste Options buttons on the shortcut menu). When you
position the pointer over each button, the result of that option is displayed on the
worksheet in the specified location. In the following figure, we copied cells A1:A4,
right-clicked cell C2 to display the shortcut menu, and then positioned the pointer over
the Paste Options buttons:
The Paste menu on the Home tab is usually far enough out of the way that it won’t
obscure the area of the sheet you’re working on. And because the shortcut menu
appears where you right-click, you would think that it would always be in the way. But
as you can see in the figure, it “ghosts” itself when you use the paste preview feature.
For more about paste options in general, see “Pasting selectively using Paste Special”
later in this chapter, and for information about the Transpose command in particular,
see “Transposing entries” later in this chapter.
Each time you copy or cut an item, a short representation of the item appears in the
Clipboard task pane. Figure 8-1 shows four items in the Clipboard task pane. You can paste
any or all of the items wherever you choose. To paste a single item from the Clipboard task
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