Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Copying and pasting
pane, first select the location where you want the item to go, and then click the item in the
task pane. To empty the Clipboard task pane for a new collection, click the Clear All button.
Figure 8-1 The Clipboard task pane stores multiple items that you copy or cut.
Hunting and gathering
You can use the Clipboard task pane to quickly assemble a list. Although the Collect
And Copy feature is useful for editing, it can also be a great tool for gathering
information. Copy items such as names or addresses from various locations in the order
you want them to appear. Then click the Paste All button in the Clipboard task pane to
paste all the items you have collected, in the order collected, into a single column.
Pasting multiples
After you copy, press Ctrl+V to paste whatever you copied. It’s a no-brainer. However, did
you know that if you select a range of cells before pasting, Excel ills every cell in that range
when you paste? Figure 8-2 illustrates this.
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