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Cutting and pasting
The Paste menu is actually a button with a downward-pointing arrow below it; clicking
the button is equivalent to clicking the Paste command. To display the menu shown on
the left in Figure 8-3, click the arrow.
Figure 8-3 Paste Special is probably the most popular power-editing feature, and its most often
used options are available as commands on the Paste menu.
You can also open the Paste Special dialog box by right-clicking the cell where you
want to paste and then clicking Paste Special.
Here’s what the Paste Special options do:
All Predictably, pastes all aspects of the selected cell, which is the same as clicking
the Paste command.
Formulas Transfers only the formulas from the cells in the copy range to the cells in
the paste range, adjusting relative references. This option is also available as a
command on the Paste menu.
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