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Cutting and pasting
Values Pastes static text, numeric values, or only the displayed values resulting from
formulas. This option is also available as the Paste Values command on the Paste
Transfers only the formats in the copy range to the paste range.
You can quickly copy and paste formats from a single cell or from a range of cells
by using the Format Painter button, next to the Paste menu on the Home tab.
Transfers only comments attached to selected cells.
Pastes only the data validation settings you have applied to the selected
Transfers the copied data, and applies the theme from
All Using Source Theme
the copied cells.
All Except Borders Transfers data without disturbing the border formats you spent
so much time applying. This option is also available as the No Borders command on
the Paste menu.
Column Widths Transfers only column widths, which is handy when trying to make
a worksheet look consistent for presentation.
Formulas And Number Formats Transfers only formulas and number formats,
which is helpful when you are copying formulas to previously formatted areas.
Usually, you want the same number formats applied to formulas you copy, wherever they
happen to go.
Values And Number Formats Transfers only the resulting values (but not the
formulas) and number formats.
All Merging Conditional Formats Transfers cell contents and formats, and merges
any conditional formats in the copied cells with those found in the destination range.
Copied conditions take precedence if there is a conflict.
For more information about themes, see “Using themes and cell styles” in Chapter 9, “Work-
sheet formatting techniques.” For more about conditional formatting, see “Formatting
conditionally” in Chapter 9.
Because the All option pastes the formulas, values, formats, and cell comments from the
copy range into the paste range, it has the same effect as clicking Paste, probably making
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