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Cutting and pasting
you wonder why Excel offers this option in the Paste Special dialog box. That brings us to
our next topic—the Operation options.
Pasting using math operators
You use the options in the Operation area of the Paste Special dialog box to mathematically
combine the contents of the copied cells with the contents of the cells in the paste area.
When you select any option other than None, Excel does not overwrite the destination cell
or range with the copied data. Instead, it uses the specified operator to combine the copy
and paste ranges.
For example, say you want to get a quick list of combined monthly totals for the Northern
and Eastern regions in Figure 8-4. First, copy the Northern Region figures to an empty area
of the worksheet, and then copy the Eastern Region numbers; select the first cell in the
column of values you just copied and click Paste Special. You then select the Values and Add
options in the Paste Special dialog box, and after clicking OK, you get the result shown at
the bottom of Figure 8-4.
Figure 8-4 We used the Values option in the Paste Special dialog box to add the totals from the
Eastern Region to those of the Northern Region.
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