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Moving and copying with the mouse
Figure 8-6 We created hyperlinks to supporting workbooks at the bottom of this worksheet.
To use a hyperlink, just click it. To select the cell containing the hyperlink without activating
the link, hold the mouse button down until the pointer changes to a cross and then release
the mouse button. To edit or delete a hyperlink, right-click it and then click Edit Hyperlink
or Remove Hyperlink.
The NorthwindSales.xlsx, NorthwindStaff.xlsx, and NorthwindStrategy.xlsx files are with the
other examples on the companion website.
Moving and copying with the mouse
Sometimes referred to as direct cell manipulation , this feature lets you quickly drag a cell or
range to a new location. It’s that simple. When you select a cell or range, move the pointer
over the edge of the selection until the four-headed arrow pointer appears, and then click
the border and drag the selection to wherever you like. As you drag, an outline of the
selected range appears, which you can use to help position the range correctly.
To copy a selection rather than move it, hold down the Ctrl key while dragging. The pointer
then appears with a small plus sign next to it, as shown in Figure 8-7, which indicates you
are copying rather than moving the selection.
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