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Inserting cells
Handy keyboard shortcuts
Some of us are mouse fans; others are keyboard jockeys. If you’re a good typist, you
might prefer keeping your hands on the keys as much as possible. If so, this table of
keyboard shortcuts for typical insertion actions is for you. Note that commas denote
sequential keystrokes and plus signs denote additive keystrokes. For example, you press
Alt, let go, then press I, let go, then press R to insert a row. But you hold down Shift
and press Spacebar to select a row.
Alt, I, R
Insert rows
Alt, I, C
Insert columns
Alt, E, D
Delete selected rows or columns
Select columns
Select rows
Inserting cells
You can insert cells or cell ranges rather than entire rows or columns by using the shortcut
menu technique described earlier or by clicking Home, Insert, Insert Cells, which displays
the Insert dialog box shown in Figure 8-10.
Figure 8-10 Click the Insert Cells command to choose the direction in which to move existing
cells in your worksheet.
The Insert menu is actually a button with an arrow to its right; if you click the button, it
is the equivalent of clicking the Insert Cells command, which moves cells either down
or to the right, depending on the shape of the selected cell range. To display the menu
shown on the left in Figure 8-10, click the arrow.
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