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Deleting cells, columns, and rows
select the Shift Cells Down option, and click OK. Excel inserts the copied data and moves
the rest of the table down to accommodate the insertion, as shown in Figure 8-12.
Figure 8-12 Inserting previously copied or cut cells is faster than inserting cells and then
copying or cutting data to ill the inserted range.
Deleting cells, columns, and rows
You can use the Delete menu on the Home tab (located in the Cells group) to remove cells,
rows, or columns from your worksheet. Deleting removes the selected cell or range from
the worksheet, shifting cells to ill the empty space you create.
The Delete menu is actually a button with an arrow to its right; if you click the button,
it is the equivalent of clicking the Delete Cells command, which moves remaining cells
either up or to the left, depending on the shape of the selected cell range. To display
the menu, click the arrow.
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