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Deleting cells, columns, and rows
Fixing formula problems
In the following worksheet, notice that the formulas in row 16 have small triangular
indicators in the upper-left corner of each cell (they are green on your screen):
These triangles indicate an anomaly of some kind; in this case, we moved cells around
within the table, so the formulas no longer include the cells we moved. Notice in the
graphic that the formula bar displays the formula =SUM(B4:B47), omitting cells B8:B15.
We used the Insert Cut Cells technique described in this chapter to move the rows
containing January through August data from the top of the table to the bottom, which
created the problem. When you insert or move rows or columns at the edge of cell
ranges referred to by formulas, the formulas might not be able to adjust properly, as is
the case here. Excel offers help. As shown here, not only do the little lags appear, but
when you select one of the formula cells, a menu appears offering a Formula Omits
Adjacent Cells item containing pertinent options.
The Update Formula To Include Cells option works correctly in our example. This is a
much easier solution than editing each formula manually.
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