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Clearing cells
Clearing cells
The difference between deleting and clearing isn’t subtle. Although deleting completely
removes selected cells, shifting adjacent cells to ill the void, clearing leaves selected cells
in place and removes contents, formats, and any comments that might be attached. The
Home tab includes a Clear menu, which is one of the buttons in the Editing group. Excel
hides the “Clear” label if the window is too narrow, but you can always recognize the
button by its eraser icon. Figure 8-15 shows the Clear menu.
Figure 8-15 The commands on the Clear menu remove the corresponding attributes of selected
cells without removing the cells.
The commands on the Clear menu perform the following tasks on selected cells:
Clear All removes all text, numbers, formulas, formats, borders, and any attached
Clear Formats removes only formatting and borders.
Clear Contents removes only text, numbers, and formulas.
Clear Comments removes only the attached comments.
Clear Hyperlinks removes only hyperlinks, leaving the formatting intact.
Remove Hyperlinks removes hyperlinks and formatting.
Inserting, deleting, and clearing cells with the mouse
To perform the next group of operations, you use the ill handle, a tiny black square that
appears in the lower-right corner of the selection rectangle , which is the bold border that
appears around the selected cell or range. If you select entire rows or columns, the ill
handle appears next to the row or column heading.
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