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Dragging with the right mouse button
hold down the Ctrl key while dragging over a selection, you clear all the cell contents as
well as the formatting, borders, and comments.
Fill handles and cell selection rectangles
The cell selection rectangle is the heavy black-bordered box that surrounds the
currently selected cells. There is only one ill handle in a cell selection rectangle, regardless
of the number of cells:
Fill handle Fill handle drag pointer Selection drag pointer
Dragging the ill handle extends the selection and performs other feats of prowess, as
described in this chapter. Dragging the selection rectangle moves or copies the
selection, also as described in this chapter. If the ill handle is not visible, click the File tab,
click Options, and then click the Advanced category. In the Editing Options area, select
the Enable Fill Handle And Cell Drag-And-Drop check box. The Alert Before
Overwriting Cells check box is automatically selected (and recommended).
Dragging with the right mouse button
If you select cells and then drag the selection rectangle using the right mouse button, a
shortcut menu appears when you release the button, as shown in Figure 8-17. You can use
the options on the shortcut menu to consummate your edit in a variety of ways.
Figure 8-17 Drag the selection with the right mouse button to display a shortcut menu.
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