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Editing options
problem with our SUM formula. The total should include all the rows of data, so drag a
handle on a bottom corner of the range-selection rectangle until it includes all the correct
Figure 8-19 Double-click a cell containing a formula to edit it and to display range finders.
For more information about formulas, see Chapter 12. For more about auditing, see “Auditing
and documenting worksheets” later in this chapter.
You can disable in-cell editing if you want. To do so, click the File tab, click Options,
and in the Advanced category, clear the Allow Editing Directly In Cells check box in the
Editing Options area.
Editing options
The Advanced category in the Excel Options dialog box (which you access by clicking the
File tab and then Options) contains an assortment of options that control editing-related
workspace settings, as shown in Figure 8-20. These options include the following:
After Pressing Enter, Move Selection This locks in the entry and makes the cell
below active. To change the direction of the selection after you press Enter, use the
Direction drop-down list. When you clear this check box, pressing Enter locks in the
entry and leaves the same cell active.
Automatically Insert A Decimal Point For those of us who remember using
10-key calculators, this is equivalent to the “floating point” setting. Ordinarily, you
type numbers and decimal points manually. To have Excel enter decimal points for
you, select this option, and then select the number of decimal places you want.
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