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Editing options
For example, when you type 12345 with two decimal places specified, Excel enters
123.45 in the cell. When you apply this option, Fixed Decimal appears in the status
bar. This option applies only to entries you make after you select it, without altering
existing data. It also applies only when you do not type a decimal point. If you type a
number including a decimal point, the option has no effect.
Figure 8-20 Click the File tab, Options, Advanced to display editing-related workspace
Enable Fill Handle And Cell Drag-And-Drop This is required for the direct
manipulation of cells using the mouse. See “Moving and copying with the mouse” earlier
in this chapter. Leaving the Alert Before Overwriting Cells option selected is always a
good idea.
Allow Editing Directly In Cells This is required for in-cell editing. See “Editing in
cells or in the formula bar” earlier in this chapter.
Extend Data Range Formats And Formulas This lets Excel apply formatting from
existing cells to new cells entered in a list or table.
Enable Automatic Percent Entry This helps you type values in cells with the
Percentage format. When you select this check box, all entries less than 1 are multiplied
by 100. When you clear this check box, all entries—including those greater than
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