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Editing options
1—are multiplied by 100. For example, in a cell to which you already applied the
Percentage format, typing either .9 or 90 produces the same result—90%—in the cell. If
you clear the Enable Automatic Percent Entry check box, typing 90 results in the
displayed value 9000% (as long as you applied the Percentage format to the cell).
A quick way to apply the Percentage format to a clean cell is to type a number
as a percentage. For example, type 1% in a cell, and the cell then displays
subsequent numbers in the same Percentage format.
Enable AutoComplete For Cell Values This lets Excel suggest cell entries by
comparing existing values it finds in the same column as you type. See “Letting Excel help
with typing chores” later in this chapter.
Automatically Flash Fill This lets Excel suggest cell entries by comparing existing
values it finds in adjacent columns as you type. See “Automatic parsing and
concatenation using Flash Fill” later in this chapter.
Zoom On Roll With IntelliMouse Ordinarily, if your mouse has a wheel, rotating it
causes the worksheet to scroll (or zoom while pressing Ctrl). Select this check box to
switch the behavior of the wheel so that the worksheet zooms when you rotate the
wheel (or scrolls while you press Ctrl).
Alert The User When A Potentially Time-Consuming Operation Occurs If an
editing operation will affect a large number of cells, this option controls whether
you are notified and lets you specify the number of cells it takes to trigger the
Use System Separators Ordinarily Excel defaults to the designated numeric
separators for decimals and thousands (periods and commas, respectively) specified by
your Windows system settings. If you want to specify alternative separators, you can
do so here.
Show Paste Options Button/Show Insert Options Buttons This activates the
floating button menus that appear after pasting or inserting. Ordinarily, after you
perform a paste or an insert operation, a floating button appears, offering a menu of
various context-specific actions you can then perform. Clear these options to turn off
these features.
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