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Filling cells and creating data series
Cut, Copy, And Sort Inserted Objects With Their Parent Cells This is required to
“attach” graphic objects to cells. See “Tools to help you position objects on the
worksheet” in Chapter 10.
Understanding fixed and floating decimals
The Automatically Insert A Decimal Point option in the Advanced category of the Excel
Options dialog box is handy when you need to type long lists of numeric values. (It’s
equivalent to the floating-decimal feature available on most 10-key calculators.) For
example, if you’re performing a lengthy data-entry task such as typing multiple
dollar values on a worksheet, select the Automatically Insert A Decimal Point option, and
click 2 in the Places list. Then just type numbers and press Enter, which saves you an
extra keystroke for the decimal point in each entry. If you’re entering 1,000 values,
typing 295 instead of 2.95 eliminates 25 percent of the keystrokes you would otherwise
have to perform. However, you need to be careful to either type trailing zeros or add
decimal points to some numbers. For example, you usually type 5 to enter a 5.00 value,
but with two fixed decimal places turned on, the same entry becomes 0.05, making it
necessary for you to type either 500 or 5. to correctly place the decimal point.
Filling cells and creating data series
As described earlier in this chapter, the ill handle has many talents to make it simple to
enter data in worksheets. Uses of the ill handle include quickly and easily filling cells and
creating data series by using the incredibly useful Auto Fill feature.
Take a look at Figure 8-21. If you select cell B2 and drag the ill handle down to cell B5,
Excel copies the contents of cell B2 to cells B3 through B5. However, if you click the floating
Auto Fill Options button that appears, right after you drag, you can select a different Auto
Fill action, as shown in Figure 8-22 for the range C2:C5.
Figure 8-21 Copy the contents of a cell to adjacent cells by dragging the ill handle.
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